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Whether you're a Montessori Mom or a home school miracle worker or anyone in between, this product from our friends at Every Star is Different will surely save you time and money.

It's Just $9.99 for Sept. 2019!

Every Star is Different provides us with a made-for-you easy to use printable to aid our children's language, socio-emotional, and cognitive development. 

What's included in the pack?


Montessori-inspired Halloween Jack-o-lantern Printable Pack

  • Teaches emotions using jack-o-lantern faces and compares them with children's expressions
  • Introduces geometric shapes as found on pumpkins during the Halloween season
  • Provides a step-by-step guide on how to make a jack-o-lantern with true to life images

Montessori-inspired Halloween Animals Printable Pack

  • Introduces children to true to life animals associated with Halloween
  • Includes adjective and preposition activities that help enhance grammar skills
  • Provides practice with counting, graphs, greater than/less than concepts, and more

Montessori-inspired Halloween Language Bundle

  • Includes twenty-four (eight of each) beginning, intermediate, and advanced words associated with Halloween
  • Features only true to life Halloween concepts and ideas
  • Images and concepts are kid friendly

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